A travel through the evil crypt, uncovering hidden tombs; reveiling the rusted gems inside.

The Years
~ Tuesday, November 26 ~

Evil Necromancy 

Tags: Apocalypse Command 2006 Demo Black Metal Death Metal Thrash Metal USA
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~ Tuesday, October 15 ~

The Pestilence Crucified 

Tags: Nocturnal Graves 2007 Speed Metal Black Metal Thrash Metal Australia
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~ Monday, October 14 ~

Under Attack

Tags: Exciter Speed Metal Thrash Metal Canada 1983
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~ Saturday, October 12 ~

Black Leather Whiskey 

Tags: Speedhammer Black Metal Thrash Metal Speed Metal Chile demo 2012
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~ Tuesday, October 8 ~


Back in the hay day, It’s rumored that Jeff and Dave from SLAYER teamed up with a dude from Suicidal Tendencies and made this ripping punk/crossover demo. They only made a few copies and to hear it now means that it spread around and copies were made. 

1.Living Just To Die
2. Drunk Drivers Against Mad Mothers
3. Abretions Asshole
4. Can’t Stand You 

Tags: Pap Smear Slayer Jeff Hanneman 1986 Punk Hardcore Thrash Metal Crossover
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~ Monday, October 7 ~

Back To War

Tags: Sodom Germany 1992 Black Metal Thrash Metal Taping the Taco lol
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Hammering Absolute Death 

Tags: Oath of Cruelty 2012 Demo USA Black Metal Thrash Metal
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Betrayed Truth

Tags: Mefisto Sweden Thrash Metal Black Metal Speed Metal 1986
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To Wear The Mark

Tags: Aura Noir Black Metal Thrash Metal 1998 Norway
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~ Saturday, September 28 ~

Death To Christ 

Tags: Greeting Death Canada Death Metal Thrash Metal 1987 Demo
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Hands of Doom

Tags: Thrash Metal Death Metal Doom Metal Celtic Frost worship Hands of Doom Peru 2012
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~ Saturday, September 7 ~

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Tags: Bathory Black Metal Death Metal Thrash Metal 1988
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~ Wednesday, August 21 ~

Thy Black Dawn (The Execrable Damnation for the No Tomorrow)

If MORBID ANGEL kept making dank records 

Tags: Shub Niggurath Mexico 1994 Black Metal Death Metal Thrash Metal
~ Monday, August 19 ~

Alcoholic Mosh

Tags: Sex Trash 1990 Brazilian Black Metal Thrash Metal
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~ Saturday, August 17 ~

The Persistence from Memorial Chasm

Their sound reminds me of Ripping Corpse

Tags: Invocator 1991 Denmark Death Metal Thrash Metal
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